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Welcome to Seattle Therapy Alliance, a counseling organization established to provide affordable counseling for women in their journey towards healing and  self-actualization. Chances are you’re here looking for relief from pain, compassionate support, lasting change, and a solid hope that things can be different. We’re confident we can help.

Research shows that counseling can lead to increased happiness, productive coping mechanisms, fulfilling relationships and even intergenerational health. Even if the events of your life don’t change, your perspective on them can, as well as your coping skills, so that together with your counselor you can make your way to a more peaceful and meaningful life.

At Seattle Therapy Alliance, we offer more than counseling. We offer resolution with your loved ones, emotional health for you and your children, satisfaction in your career, happiness and meaning in your life…and perhaps most importantly, relationship, a haven from loneliness. All for the cost of a typical co-pay.

Ready to get started?  Be contacted by our Intake Coordinator.

About Seattle Therapy Alliance
Located in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, STA was opened in 2009 with the two-fold vision of training graduate counseling students in psychotherapy and women’s issues while simultaneously making low-cost therapy available to adolescent girls and women.

We believe that a key to healing our wounded world lies in supporting women, the population disproportionately affected by physical and sexual abuse, economic instability and the weight of single parenting. Think about it: 70% of the persons who live in poverty in the United States are women and children. And, while women represent 50 percent of the world population, they perform nearly two-thirds of all the working hours, receive only one-tenth of the world income and own less than 1 percent of world property. There are very few places where women will get a break. This is one way we can help.

Our story:
STA is the brainstorm of two longtime counselors who wanted to help more women than they could assist personally in their own private practices. Together Julie Cake, M.A., LMHC and Susan Hall, D.Min., LMHC dreamed of a business in which they could combine their talents for teaching (Julie) and entrepreneurial skills (Susan) on behalf of women. The result was a unique social business in which aspiring female therapists would be provided an “incubator” in which to grow as practitioners and as businesswomen in exchange for their work with women clients who are in search of interpersonal transformation. In this way, up to 100 women at a time are enabled to receive quality weekly counseling services at below customary rates at the same time that women practitioners are growing as counselors and as entrepreneurs. Mission accomplished!

Why would I come to Seattle Therapy Alliance?

We’re low-fee…for ALL women: Unlike other agencies that have sliding fee scales based upon a client’s level of income, we will never ask you to disclose your income or expenses. You are eligible for our low-cost counseling regardless of your level of income. For many complex reasons, most women will never spend between $400 to $600 per month–the customary rate for counseling–on their healthcare needs, especially over an extended period of time, which many issues necessitate. Since our priority is simply to help women receive the care they deserve, we have always, and will always, make our services affordable for all women, without question.
We specialize in women’s issues: In addition to weekly individual supervision, the counselors at Seattle Therapy Alliance receive twice-monthly group trainings in issues related to women’s health and wellbeing. Topics include: Introduction to Gender Theory, Women & Psychology, Women & Their Bodies, Women & Sex, Women & Money, Women & God…and more. Why do we look at all these issues from a gendered perspective? Well, because there are unique gender-based struggles for women that double our rates of depression, anxiety and eating disorders, as well as other psychological problems. Women are overwhelmingly the recipients of oppression and victimization in our society, so we intentionally prepare our counselors to “inoculate” clients from the systemic issues that undermine their wellbeing, empowering them to grow and thrive amidst challenging life circumstances.
We have no limit on the number of sessions you can receive as a client at STA: Our commitment is to you and your healing. While many organizations have limited resources and will thus cap your benefits at a certain number of sessions, we want to see you stay with your counselor for as long as you are in need. That’s why we don’t sign non-compete clauses with our practitioners; we encourage them to continue their work with you wherever they establish their mental health practice after their in/externship at Seattle Therapy Alliance.

How We Can Help
The following is a list of topics for which people often seek counseling. While you may feel discouraged about the nature of your particular struggle, we want to assure you that we have experience in each of the following categories, and we have a great deal of hope and confidence that in time we will be able to be of help to you, too. If something in the following list resonates with you, we encourage you to contact our Intake Coordinator.


Couples counseling
Difficulty starting relationships
Difficulty maintaining relationships
Domestic Violence
Marriage counseling
Pre-marital counseling
Relationship counseling
Trust Issues
Emotional Health
Addiction/Substance abuse
Body image
Depression/Mood Disorders
Eating Disorders
Emotional Problems
Low self-esteem
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Artist’s block
Chronic Pain
Family of Origin issues
Gender Identity
Group Therapy
Hair pulling
Job Loss
Life Transition
Post-partum depression
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Sexual Abuse