individual counseling

photo-95Request more information and be contacted by our intake coordinator. 


Seattle Therapy Alliance’s individual clients are woman 18 and over who wish to attend long-term therapy on a weekly basis and who can afford to pay $40-$60 per session.

We also offer couples counseling.


We want counseling to be an inclusive resource that can support as much of the community as possible. We also want Seattle Therapy Alliance to be a sustainable business that supports the community for years to come. Our intention is to make counseling as affordable as possible for those with financial challenges and to create the opportunity for folks who are able to pay more to practice sustainability and generosity, recognizing our interconnectedness.

The team at STA is so happy to offer this service, and we are grateful to each client who walks in our doors and pays what they can based on their economic situation. We will never ask you for your income. We just ask you to consider what you can sustainably pay over the course of your time at STA. No guilt. No shame.

Modeled after Rainier Beach Yoga, a local social justice yoga studio we love, our tiered fee structure as follows:

Sponsored      $40      The Sponsored fee is the reduced fee we offer so that together, we can make counseling available to more people.

Sustaining      $50      The Sustaining Fee covers the cost of counseling and keeps our doors open.

Supporting     $60      The Supporting Fee is STA’s full fee, which covers the cost of counseling and helps to offset the cost for others to have the opportunity to receive the benefits of weekly counseling. It also allows STA to grow toward a more sustainable present and future.

Your fee will be determined by you in your first session based on what you can pay on a weekly basis over the course of your time at STA.


Payments are to be made at the beginning of each session in the form of cash, check (please make out to Seattle Therapy Alliance or STA) or PayPal (with additional $2.00 processing fee for each transaction).

Please note: By paying via Paypal, you are agreeing to pay an additional $2 processing and convenience fee. You are welcome to otherwise pay cash or check in session for no charge. Please add this $2 to your total fees owes.

STA patients begin counseling following an intake process. The first step is to fill out the STA 2017 Individual Confidential Intake Form, which gives us a glimpse of your health history, reasons for seeking counseling at this time, and helps us to pair you with a therapist who will best meet your needs.

Intake Assessments                                                                                                             

Often times, we find that we need more information than what we can gather from a piece of paper, especially so that we can ensure that STA is a helpful fit for the care that you’re seeking. In-person Intake Assessments are a thorough and effective way for us to get at the heart of what you need. You’ll meet with one of our trained Intake Specialists for an hour and a half to complete the intake assessment process.

Intake Assessment – $90 for 90 minute session

How It Works 

Seattle Therapy Alliance is pleased to offer affordable therapy services. STA has a variety of daytime, evening, and weekend appointments available. Your scheduling availability will be one factor in the extension of an invitation for involvement at Seattle Therapy Alliance. You will be asked to provide an overview of your availability on the STA Confidential Patient Intake form.

Due to the limited number of patient positions available, it is a privilege to be selected for this program, and it is incumbent upon you, the participant, to do everything in your power to protect the hour you are given for your appointments. If you are not able to protect the particular time that is given to you, we will not be able to guarantee you another counseling spot.

Because of the nature of the therapeutic process, sessions will take place at the same time on a weekly basis. Since this time is reserved for you, it becomes your financial responsibility. The same fee is collected for missed or cancelled appointments as for attended sessions unless we have arranged in previous sessions that you will not attend.

Therapy patients who no-show twice in a row will forego their invitation to participate in this program. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel your session with 24 hour notice, you will be charged for your appointment.

Seattle Therapy Alliance is a training clinic; all therapy services are provided by qualified counseling interns and externs who are participating in this program for the period of one year. If you are interested in continuing your treatment with your therapist at the end of their commitment, you may discuss this with them as they may make services available to you in their own private practice at that time. The fee for service will be renegotiated between yourself and your therapist in this eventuality. If you would prefer to continue to receive services at STA, we will gladly give you a spot with another therapist.

STA does not provide crisis intervention or case management services; persons in need of this level of care will be best served at another agency.

STA specializes in women’s issues; thus, primary care is limited to women, couples, and families. However, we are happy to offer referrals for men to providers nearby, and we are pleased to provide counseling for couples and families when it is appropriate.

Seattle Therapy Alliance is an equal opportunity clinic. We embrace diversity and welcome trainees and clients irrespective of age, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation or immigration status.


Does STA take insurance?

We take pride in offering a different model at STA by offering all sliding scale counseling, which means we don’t take insurance. With the prices set as they are, they match or come pretty darn close to many insurance co-pays.

Does STA offer a free consultation?

We don’t offer free initial consultations.

Does STA offer every other week counseling?

We offer weekly counseling, which is what we believe is really going to be helpful in finding relief and seeing results.  For this reason, we don’t agree to see clients less frequently than once a week.