Seattle Therapy Alliance is proud of our practitioners. As a coveted clinical training program, we are privileged to be highly selective in our hiring decisions, accepting counselors who exhibit outstanding traits throughout the rigorous application process. While our clinicians are masters level graduate students and post-graduate externs, not yet licensed in the State of Washington, we are confident that they each practice ethically, and are safe, competent, and compassionate. Our record of significantly above-average attendance and satisfaction by patients demonstrates the effectiveness of our counselors. We hope you’ll get to know them as well!

Alexandra Gobeille
STA Counselor

Something is wrong with me, and my life.” This is what brings many of us to therapy. Here you can find the safe haven where we meet this place of struggle together, heal the pain, and discover the part of you that’s completely okay and enough. My hope for you is to walk out of our sessions a little lighter, and clearer on the path to change.

Drawing on over 20 years of meditation practice, I infuse my work with body-centered mindfulness and compassion. Currently completing my MA in Psychology: Counseling at Saybrook University (LIOS), I also teach meditation and coach. I have special interest in working with shame and self-loathing, anxiety, depression, grief, spirituality, gender identity, and with couples.


Kimball Hobbs
STA Counselor

My interest in psychotherapy began in 2009 when I became a Licensed Massage Therapist and saw firsthand how important the mind-body connection is. I experienced how emotions could be held in the body and how awareness of our body and thoughts can help what may be stuck to finally move again. I also see us all as being more than just our minds and bodies, I see us as spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe my role as a therapist is to help you navigate the mind-body-spirit connection, to help you to explore what is both known and unknown in your experience, to help you discover what might be tangled and knotted so that we can, together, help you to untie the knots with authenticity and awareness. I offer you my full attention, my compassionate listening, my tools and resources for increasing self-awareness, and a caring space for you to discover yourself more fully. Our work together will include exploring family patterns as we look back at multiple generations, understanding your own persistent life themes, both past and present, and how they effect your every day life, understanding how you relate to other people in your life (understanding your relationships both past and present), and developing the ability to be present in your body and mind. These are no easy tasks, but my hope is that you will leave therapy with a stronger sense of who you are, a stronger sense of purpose, that you will feel more compassion for yourself, and that you will find more peace in your every day life. Additionally, I’m particularly interested in working with queer, questioning, and gender variant individuals. I look forward to our work together!

Kathy Johns
STA Counselor

Therapy is a courageous endeavor—one that I believe can provide real hope in the midst of life’s many challenges. Each of us comes with unique joys, pains, relationships, and stories that inform how we live, and often lead us into a desire for more. It is my hope that our work together will provide a safe, trusted place for you to be heard, and encouraged in places you are seeking healing and change.

As a graduate student in my final year at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, I come to the field after a career in the business world. My therapeutic interests include everyday issues such as depression, anxiety, life transition, relational conflicts, sexuality, body image, identity development, and also areas such as family of origin, spirituality, sexual abuse, and trauma. When I’m not reading books on therapy, I’m typically cooking, enjoying a meal with friends, running with my Goldendoodle Toby, or outside on a weekend adventure.

Melissa Karatay
STA Counselor

I’m a Clinical Mental Health graduate student at Antioch University Seattle. In my time at Antioch I have tailored my studies to focus on the treatment of trauma as well as a broader focus on human sexuality. I practice therapy through a humanistic lens.  I believe a great deal of healing happens in relationship, there is great power in being seen and heard.  In this same vein, I strive to create a safe and caring space in which my clients can explore and grow. I have approximately 7 years experience working in the mental health field in various client focused capacities. In that time I have worked with both adults and youth struggling with a wide range of mental health issues.

Sarah Kyle
STA Counselor

I view therapy as sacred work, a journey toward self-discovery, transformation, and hope.  It is also deeply creative work, as we learn how to re-author our own stories and integrate various parts of ourselves.  Above all, for me, therapy is about human connection and intimacy, which holds potential for profound healing.  I aim to participate with you in a collaborative process as we explore new possibilities and ways of being in your life.

 As a student in Seattle University’s Couples & Family Therapy program, I bring both a systemic and spiritually-integrated approach to our work together.  This means I am interested in how your individual narrative is shaped by broader systems—including family, race, gender, and culture—as well as how you make meaning in your life.  I have a background in music and writing, and aim to cultivate creativity in all my endeavors.  I am particularly interested in working with couples, artists, students, and clients who wish to incorporate spirituality into our sessions.

Stacy Lewis
STA Counselor

I am a certified Hakomi therapist and third year student in counseling psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. As a therapist, I have found the synthesis of my many pursuits: mindfulness/Buddhism, nonviolent communication, mind-body holism, and an experiential understanding of how humans develop and deeply bond with one another. I believe we have the innate capacity to heal and that being deeply listened to can reveal new ways of seeing and growing. Using mindfulness and present-centered awareness of thoughts, memories, feelings, or sensations, you and I can work together to create more space and caring for the parts of you that feel stuck, and to find the support you need to live the life you want.

I have a special interest in working with you if you are experiencing issues related to relationships or parenting; would like to receive couples’ counseling; or if you are facing anxiety, depression, grief, or trauma. I am a white, cis woman married to a Filipino man, mother of two boys, and a LGBTQIA-affirmative therapist who is open to working with a variety of relationship orientations and configurations.

Michelle Solangel Martínez
STA Counselor

We all have a desire to live authentically and to feel safe and well as we do so. Yet, maintaining such a balance is hard work and sometimes it can be derailed or stalled. I believe that our multiple identities and affiliations impact our sense of wellbeing and belonging in the world in myriad ways—conscious and unconscious—and so it is important to bring these identities into the counseling room so as to integrate them into the whole picture of your wellness. To do that, I practice from an intersectional-feminist, social justice lens and a LGBTQ affirmative approach. I feel that the deep work that can be done in the counseling room with someone you trust, and who is present with you, is a powerful tool to be used toward feeling more connected with yourself and your world. I love working with people from all backgrounds and specialize in the issues that people of color and/or those with queer identities face (however those identities manifest for you).

Erica Meurk
STA Counselor

I’m passionate about helping people live more fully in the world, whatever that means to them. I work from a humanistic, strengths-based perspective, which means that I believe all of us have the innate capacity to heal ourselves, improve our relationships, and work toward the lives that we want. As a counselor, I partner with clients in order to help them explore whatever is getting in their way and work with them to overcome it.
I earned a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. I have supported people living with serious mental and physical illnesses, young adults struggling to start their careers and deepen their relationships, and people recovering from abusive relationships. Before becoming a counselor, I worked for several nonprofits in Seattle and the Bay Area as a writer and fundraiser.
In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, cooking, reading, writing, yoga, meditation, and riding my bicycle around Seattle.

Mackenzie Moll
STA Counselor

Therapy can be a difficult but very rewarding process. I try to approach my clients with deep compassion and without judgment. Many of us have emotional and behavioral patterns that are self-destructive and forbid change. We have trouble tolerating our emotions and are controlled by the parts of ourselves and our pasts that we believe to be shameful, but these things can change.

I provide a nurturing environment wherein clients can accept themselves and their emotions, develop self-awareness of their inter- and intra-personal habits, and build robust coping mechanisms for everyday life. I hope that through this honest and intentional process my clients will achieve their therapeutic goals, whatever they are.

Since earning my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling in 2015, I have worked with a diverse clientele in a variety of settings including college counseling centers and community health agencies. I learn from my clients every day and look forward to continuing this personal growth and development at Seattle Therapy Alliance.

Stephanie Mrakovich
STA Counselor

I believe that from the moment we are born we assign meaning to our environment, relationships, and selves. Emotionally and physically we bear the weight of those conscious and unconscious messages throughout adulthood, regardless of them being just or not. Therapy can be a place to deepen your understanding of those internalizations as well as your capacity for human connection in the safety of the therapeutic relationship. My hope is to be a loyal partner, advocate, and friend in your search for greater meaning and holistic healing. For this reason, I value the integration of experiential, relational, and psychodynamic therapeutic components in order to fully engage your mind, body, and spirit.
Though I have a special interest in therapeutic work related to age, chronic pain or illness, personal identity, anxiety and depression, and spiritual/existential questions, all mental health concerns are welcome. I am drawn to the simple things in life such as good food, animals, nature, meaningful conversations, and playfulness as well as deepening my spiritual and physical well being through martial arts training and other Eastern meditative practices.

Vanessa Newell
STA Counselor

I believe therapy is a sacred process, where people are invited to bring all aspects of themselves towards a search for healing, growth and deeper meaning. Working from an integration of Systems and Humanistic theories, I am deeply interested in the complexities and uniqueness of individual lives. From this perspective, I have learned to understand people through the context of their relationships with the self, body, family, culture, faith, spirituality and systems of belief.

As a Pacific Northwest native, I am awed and inspired daily by the natural beauty held by this corner of the world, and strive to enjoy it as often as possible. I am a third year student at Seattle University, in the Masters of Arts in Couples and Family Therapy program. My greatest hope is to provide a safe space and environment of intentional co-creation, as you invite me into the joys and struggles of your story. Together I believe we can explore new perspectives, resources, and strengths to empower you towards a fuller, more authentic life.

Rian Roberson
STA Counselor

In our society, we experience extreme social pressure to simultaneously establish ourselves as individuals while not deviating too far from contemporary values. This duality can lead to deep fractures in the self, and considerable psychological and emotional distress, causing us to be at war with our bodies, our minds, and our identities. As a therapist, I strive to help clients embrace their uniqueness and aid them in the development of meaningful interpersonal skills and relationships.

The depth orientation takes the unconscious self into consideration when addressing psychological and social issues. The psychodynamic orientation works to help the client to identify and unlock the unconscious contents of the psyche, which may be influencing presenting issues. I see counseling as integral to a larger social justice framework, with the goal of helping clients obtain the skills and self-knowledge to thrive in our society. I have special interest in working with LGBT, POC, gender variant, and other minorities, as well as with couples, artists, musicians, and students, and those with depression, anxiety, and body image/diet issues.

Sarah Smalley
STA Counselor

This emotional life is hard to navigate. There are times when we feel stuck, or forced into transition. Whether a great loss has occurred, or there’s just a strong desire to move forward without fully understanding how, I believe that the therapeutic process is about helping people understand the amazing, complex, and capable people that they are. Your emotional processes are realities, and they deserve respect, acknowledgment, and space. I believe that effective therapy should consider both our internal emotional processes, as well as the external components of life that we have little control over. I welcome all varieties of clients, and have a particular heart for those experiencing loss, grief, depression, infertility, illness, and life transitions. Regardless of what brings you to therapy, I believe in developing a trusting and collaborative space to process your experiences, give them the respect they deserve, and equip you with the knowledge of exactly how powerful you are.

Betsy Strewler
STA Counselor

Electing to look more closely and move more deeply into your human experience is a vulnerable and courageous act. I believe that while relationships can be the source of our greatest hurts in life, they are also powerful in their capacity to help us heal and create inner change. I am greatly honored to learn and grow alongside you during my upcoming year at Seattle Therapy Alliance.

My therapeutic interests include depression, anxiety, relational conflicts, sexuality, body image, identity development, and aging, as well as areas such as somatic therapies, family of origin, and LGBTQ issues. I recently received my Master’s in Social Work from the University of Washington and hold an LICSWaic.

In therapy I offer a safe, kind, and authentic relational space. It is my hope that, through earnest engagement and exploration together, you will cultivate a stronger sense of self, more love of who you are, and an increased sense of intention in your forward movement.

Brooke Usrey
STA Counselor

I believe that suffering is rooted in separation, and that healing relies on the power of a new connection with self and others. My approach to therapy is primarily humanistic- as in remembering that we are human and doing our best with what we have- and focuses on our innate tendency toward growth, nourishing strengths, and trusting inner wisdom.  I aim to use curiosity and warmth as we explore the parts of life where you feel most stuck as well as the parts where you feel most alive.

While earning my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Bastyr University (December 2017), I worked with Asian Counseling and Referral Service, providing culturally informed counseling and sexual assault prevention for adolescents.  My training has focused on treating the whole person -body, mind, and spirit- and I come to Seattle Therapy Alliance to grow my practice through social justice and feminist based therapy with women who are facing a wide range of issues.  

I was raised in a rural agricultural community in southern Indiana, and after college I served for ten years in various settings, advocating for the empowerment of individuals with severe mental health challenges, elders, and youth.  I am also a book and print artist, using paper and ink as tools to voice ideas, explore strength and beauty, and create connection.

Sarah Valrejean
STA Counselor

It takes connection with another, safety and risk in an intricate dance to heal our wounds. It is my desire to do that work with you.  I am a graduate student in my final year at the Seattle Campus of Saybrook University (LIOS) and will graduate with my M.A. in psychology, counseling specialization. My work is deeply influenced by developmental models, attachment theory, somatic awareness, the Internal Family systems model, social justice and domestic violence education. My desire is to help you find your way back to center, to explore what it would be like to be whole and to find your own reserves of strength, empowerment, and truth.